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What is VG/PG, and Do the Ratios Matter?

Kasey Cover Apr 09, 2019
What is VG/PG, and Do the Ratios Matter?

So you’ve seen the acronyms, but what do they really mean?

Beginner vapers usually focus on two things: the device they’re using and the flavor/nicotine levels in their ejuice. The one variable that is relatively new to vape culture is the “base” of eliquid. You’ve probably seen different ratios for PG/VG, or maybe even 100% VG. What’s the difference, or more importantly, which is the best?

PG: Propylene Glycol

VG: Vegetable Glycerin

Levels of PG/VG in ejuice serve two purposes. First, is to play a role in the flavor and throat hit of the vapor produced. This is actually pretty important, for the “throat hit” is crucial to those trying to mimic traditional cigarettes. Second, is to serve as a base, or to “carry” the other ingredients in the eliquid. Once an ejuice maker finds their perfect ratio of PG/VG, they then add in the flavorings and nicotine (if any).

PG is a non-toxic synthetic liquid that is non-toxic to humans. It has no natural flavors, so whatever flavor is in the ejuice will be carried by the PG. It also delivers a stronger throat hit, something that is popular among ex-smokers so that it can mimic a pull from a cigarette. However, PG is a thin liquid so if you are an experienced vaper vaping at a higher wattage or voltage, it may reduce the size and thickness of the vapor clouds. If you are someone who vapes for the clouds, make sure your voltage is regulated properly or increase your VG ratio.

VG is a thicker, natural liquid that creates a lot more vapor with less of a throat hit. This natural substance has a sweeter flavor, which could contribute to the flavor of the ejuice. Cloud chasers love eliquid with higher percentages of VG because it allows for bigger, thicker vapor clouds.

So, why mix them? Well, finding that perfect balance could bring together the best elements of both PG and VG. As you experiment more with different ratios, you may find out which combination works best with what mod or coils you’re using. You may even find out that you’re allergic to PG, which in that case, you should avoid it all together.

Wondering which ratio would be best for you? Check out the infographic below.