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I verify that I am above the legal age to purchase nicotine, tobacco and/or vape products.

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

About Us


We’ve been selling vape products in brick-and-mortar stores since the beginning. No really, we’ve carried vape products since the start of vape in the US almost 10 years ago. With over 60 combined vape and tobacco locations throughout New York and Pennsylvania, we’ve sold everything from starter kits to advanced mechanical mods to help encourage people to make the switch. Now, we’re here to bring our low prices to all consumers located throughout the United States.

Vapers Choice

Vapers Choice is more than a vape shop. We’re a company that prides ourselves on having the best products at the best prices. We make it our mission to provide premium vapor products and ejuices so that our customers can satisfy all of their vape needs. We know vaping can be intimidating, but we’re determined to accommodate every vaper, from beginner to cloud chaser, one product at a time. Our goal is to support your choice for a healthier lifestyle, and we’re glad you chose us.

As vaping becomes more and more regulated, we truly believe it’s important to advocate for your choice to vape. As long as we’re in business, we’ll dedicate the fight towards facilitating productive discussion and accurate information surrounding vape culture. However you vape, whatever you vape, and whenever you vape… it’s #YourVoiceYourChoice.


Starting in the industry over 12 years ago, Smokers Choice is the 7th largest tobacco outlet in the United States. Growing strong with over 60 retail locations throughout New York and Pennsylvania, we value excellent customer service and the quality of our tobacco products. Our stores are equipped with all major tobacco brands along with large humidors that contain the finest selection of cigars. We cater to smokers of all kinds and offer an expansive collection of tobacco and smoking accessories at the lowest prices imaginable. Once vape started to hit the market heavy, we then decided to open up Vapers Choice specifically dedicated towards smoking alternatives.


Munchies is convenience for what you crave. Established in 2017, Munchies is a modern day convenience store uniquely serving the people of upstate New York with a full pub menu, Krispy Krunchy Chicken, and a 22 tap pour-your-own beer sports bar. Whether you’re stopping in for a pack of gum or enjoying the game with a beer, Munchies Convenience is the place to go!

CBD Source

CBD Source is the first all-inclusive CBD center to open in the New York and Pennsylvania area. As a passionate team of retailers operating in these states, we understand that there is a grey area surrounding CBD and several questions about where and how to get it. We opened CBD Source to provide answers and relief without the intimidation. When you stop at a CBD Source, you know you’re getting quality and accuracy. Whether you’re an athlete, senior, parent, or proud pet owner, we have just the product for you! Visit us inside select Smokers and Vapers Choice locations.